Monday, April 21, 2014

PS3 Minecraft, 1.05

I play Minecraft more on the PS3 these days, the analog movement and crafting interface makes it a quicker to play.

Here is my compound on the PS3, pictures taken with my tablet, since the PS3 version of Minecraft can't do screenshots.  (The PS4 version will, video too.)

You're probably thinking:  "Hey that looks like a Caledon Flag!"  Yes, yes it does.  I put up the 4 block Caledon Flag in all my single player worlds.  And I, of course, Surrender to Callevia.  It's an in joke to some of use Caledon Minecrafters.

Since the PS3 uses the Cell processor, I call it "Cell-edon".

More after the break, because there are a LOT of pictures.

Here you see my Cobble generator, which I built because PS3 Minecraft worlds are finite...but still larger than the Pocket Edition worlds.  I found a tutorial that didn't work, but combined it with a different tutorial to get one that works.  I can just walk up the stairs face the pillar, mine the block under the furnace and bingo.

Black, red, green sheep and cows.

My tree farm.

The ring of repeaters that makes the generator work.  It turns out they all have to be aligned the same way for it to work.  So get your position right before placing.

And there the redstone leads to the piston.

"A Day in Minecraft is like a Day on the Farm."  Wheat, Sugar Cane, Pumpkins, Melons, and Cactus

I'm using an Imperial British Soldier (female) skin.

Here's the back of it.

Before the Beast and Battle pack came out I used the Gingerbread girl skin.

Also a male version is available.

Here you can see the "load world" screen, where you can choose difficulty, optoins and choose your texture pack.




And here's my compound in the City pack.

Very nice doors.

Wheat looks very nice.

Tamed wolves look like huskies.

Chicken are Ducken!

The repeater ring in the City pack.

Furnaces look like ovens and chests look like those big black chests bands use.

Changes the inventory too of course. 

The PS3 version has built in help, you can see the "What's This" button.  You can introduce the console version of the game to a newbie and they won't have to check the wiki!

And more info on how to play in the menus, not even counting the Tutorial World built right in.  The PC version could really use some of these changes.

Even tells you the basics of enchanting, including the fact that you need 15 bookshelves to get the maximum level of enchantment.

And Trading too...if you have a village.  Since the worlds are small 852x852, you might not have a village.

And here is the inside of my house with the Plastic pack.

Plastic doors.

Different portal animation too.

The redstone repeaters in plastic.

The animals.

Caledon flat and signs.

The Inventory interface.

And finally, the farm.

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Emilly Orr said...

Now you see why I've always called them ducken. To me, they've pretty much ALWAYS looked like that, because I don't run with the default Minecraft pack most of the time.