Thursday, May 02, 2013

Style Edit, Sloane Sheath, co-starring Lutefisk

I love the sheath dress, I worship at it's altar.  I like it jewel necked, v-necked, ballet necked, scoop necked.  I like it sleeveless, long sleeved, 3/4 sleeved.  I love it in RL, one of my favorite dresses of all time was a square-necked sheath. It's stylish, it's classic, you can take it from day to dinner with accessories.   Have an unexpected event to attend, pull out a sheath.  Wear a jacket over it for an interview, wear it on a date, wear it to church.  Wear it everywhere.  I love it in RL and I love it in SL, ever so much.

A few days ago I got a surprise gift of the Sloane dress from Ava Rage from a store I had not heard of, called Style Edit.  She said she thought I would like it and said to let her know if I wanted it in black instead.

You can guess what happened...I went and bought two other colors, including the black, right quick.  I was all over that like a sheath loving fashionista over a nice sheath.

What we have here is a simple sleeveless sheath, with a hemline a couple of inches above the knee (which is my favorite hemline both in SL and RL)  It looks attractive, it has nice texturing and detailing and fits fairly well.  You can even see zipper detail in the back, which I forgot to show.  I also have to note that it does come with options for those who wear....shudder....mesh boobs.  It comes in six colors but I only have 3 of them so far.  It is inexpensively priced at 175L$, what a deal.

I may not have heard of Style Edit, but it turns out I did know of the owner, Editrix who is known to me from Fashion Emergency.  While the avatar is relatively new she admits to being an oldbie...predating glitch pants she says.

I also have to show off this hair I picked up at the Truth sale, Teddy.  Yes, I know you can't see it well against the dark background with blur and glow...but it reminds me of an old ETD favorite "go to" hair: Maaliyah, which Elika has not done a version of for Elikatira, sad to say.  So yeah this Truth hair reminds me of it.  Also Truth has extended his sale to the 10th of May...YAY.  That will make those who've had a hard time getting in, happy.

I'm also wearing the Earthstones tennis set in diamonds and platinum and the IKON Lucid eyes in Moor.

I decided to bring out blonde "Lutefisk" to show off the pink leopard version of the sheath.  Same Truth Teddy hair but in Swedish.

You know the worst problem I had with this dress?  Shoes.  I had to use my Baby Monkey kitten heel fatpack because the colors were closest to the navy and pink.  And people say "I don't need the fatpack."  I always need the fatpack.. I don't always have the fatpack...but I NEED the fatpack...especially in shoes.  I can make do without Willow Packs in hair, but I need fatpacks in shoooooes.  (Ach, there's my oldbie-ness showing again...Willow Packs are what we used to call fatpacks...named for mega-shopper and blogger Willow Zander)

Gotta have a close up of Lutefisk..some people prefer blondes.  I think I look a touch younger in the Belleza Shyla skin, compared to the Belleza Betty....I can't wear Shyla with my red hair because I don't have a properly dark red brow tattoo.  The Shyla's red brow is too light and and the Betty brow tattoo doesn't work with the Shyla.  Yes, I've made a customer service request, and offered to pay for one.  I got a pleasant response from the CSR...but no brow tattoo yet...sigh.  I wouldn't have bought the Shyla if I had known the red brow was too light, but there was no red brow in the demo!  I'm so disappointed, because I like the Shyla but can't wear it with my proper hair.   Also some of the other Belleza skin packs don't come with a red brow all.  Which disappoints me.

Those are IKON Lucid eyes in Floe.


Style Edit 
Belleza Skin HQ 
Truth Hair 
IKON eyes 
Earthstones Main Store  
Baby Monkey shoes

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Editrix said...

Thanks so much for the write-up, CronoCloud, and for liking the Sloane dress! coincidentally, the dress colours are all matched to Baby Monkey shoes, and while nobody wants to buy new shoes just to blog a dress, the dress colours can all be found in the BM Lo-Rise Platform heels :)