Monday, May 13, 2013

Lassitude & Ennui, Long time crator, new items.

Jackal Ennui of Lassitude & Ennui has been making items in SL longer than I've been an SL resident.  She was known for her jewellery and footwear,, but has branced out recently into mesh items..  Specifically a gothy dress (that doesn't work well with my shape) and this dress... the Naiad.  Yes, you have to put up with glowy and gaussed Lutefisk me for these.  I'm also wearing Jackal's new Knotted pearl necklace...which I fatpacked...sadly it does not come with earrings.  Remind me to beg jackal to do matching earrings.

I tried on the demo....bought the fatpack which is cheap, if you're going to get 3 of them just get the fatpack... it's that good.  A very pretty spring halter dress that comes in the usual springy haltery dress colors: Cream, Ink, Rose, Peach, Silver and Teal  This is the perfect dress for a dressy summer date, or as a guest for a daytime summer wedding or garden party.  The details and texturing is VERY good, which is to be's Jackal Ennui after all.  I'm wearing the cream with the G Field Alex shoes.

A closeup where you can see some of the necklace and of course glowy blonde me.  That's Truth Mayim hair which is a little shout out to Boss Lady Salome because of whom I found out about this dress.  Mayim is one of her favorite Truth styles,  though she would NEVER wear it in Swedish.  This is the usual Shyla Pale skin with IKON Lucid eyes in Floe.

If you still have an L&E LM, it's still good, Jackal h asn't moved.


Lassitude & Ennui in Nouveau  
TRUTH Hair  
IKON eyes  
G Field

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