Thursday, January 10, 2013

Return to Celoe, the Great...and not so great

By happenstance, I was in Sonatta Morales shopping (and buying my first Sonatta Morales...which is another story) where I ran into a friend of mine who was wearing a fantastic looking Jacket, skirt and shoooes.  I immediately IM'd her and asked where she acquired it, because as I said:  "CC Needs That"

She told me: Celoe, and my immediate "Need" was reduced somewhat because of the previous experience   I had in trying to shop at the Mayfair region that contains Celoe.  But I am nothing if not willing to give second chances, so I did.  And had the exact same experience.  This time I had enough time to spare to do a bit of troubleshooting and thought to check my debug settings, specifically "MeshMaxCurrentRequests".  I vaguely remembered turning it up just after mesh was released in the viewer on someone's recommendation.  I checked the default and it was half that, so I turned it down to 32 and restarted the viewer and returned to Celoe.  This time...everything loaded...slowly, but everything did rez.  Yay!  So I walked in and found the stuffs I wanted, the Maru coat/jacket, Nikka skirt and Zoe pumps.

Makes a very nice professional suit doesn't it.  Very nice looking.  Just look at the skirt hemline.

Almost a peplum effect there, going on with that jacket.  Just look at it, the mesh actually looks like a nice weighty wool!

The Jacket and skirt come in more colors, I love the red.  too bad they don't come in the "same" colors.  The blacks are the only good matches.  For example the skirt does not come in the red the jacket does.

There is also a long coat/dress version, which while nice isn't quite as awesome as the separates.  Its quality is good, but the style is a touch "dowdy"  could be the silhouette or length  needs a touch more tweaking.  It's not horrible by any means though...just means it's more "Matronly Sunday Church Outfit" than I'd prefer.

And here's the Zoe shoes, which I just LOVE and want in RL, though the heel is a touch too high for RL moi.  I wish I could wear that heel in RL but that looks like a 100 or 120mm, and I can handle 85mm at best.  Love the little bow. and the texture is fantastic.   Doesn't come in enough colors though and the color names could use some work.  "Elephant" really isn't a descriptive name for a color.  This black is called "gondola" what is up with that.  (The jacket, skirt and coatdress have similar issues with names)

I have some quibble about the prices.  The prices for the separates are a touch higher than I'd like for separates and I paid more for the shoes that I'd usually do, being spoiled by G Field.  Shoes are one of the most commonly overpriced t hings in SL.  And there's no "Willow Packs" so no fatpack discount.

Another not so great thing about Celoe is the choice to use the RL style vendors which are as the trope says: "Awesome but impractical" for SL.  For example the coatdress vendors are boxes lying flat so that the coatdress picutres are SIDEWAYS like this and also small.

The alpha'd hanger vendors for the skirts don't give you a good view of the skirt at all.   The shoe vendor pics are also small, but at least they're oriented properly.  I have always been of the opinion that in SL displays, simpler is better.  Yes, simple wall prims aren't all twee and artsy and RL-looking, but they work better for consumers and that's what matters.

The store is also still laggy and even after I fixed the debug setting I crashed there, twice.  Once when trying to get a picture of the vendors.  I'd recommend shopping via Marketplace because of the effect all those twee mon-tissu style alpha'd vendors have.

But Celoe's marketplace shop has other issues.  For one, the selecton doesn't include all the stuff in the store, and Celoe doesn't understand product naming so that the names are things like:


Which makes it impossible to search for them because the Marketplace search treats that as all one word because of the periods as far as I can tell.  So if you search for "celoe nikka skirt" on Marketplace you get zero results.  Bad Designer, BAD BAD! 

So Celoe earns a mark of "Shows promise but needs improvement" before I can truly recommend shopping in-store, sad to say.  Nice stuff though, as I said.  One final note, Celoe LM's say only "Mayfair" instead of "Celoe Main Store at Mayfair" which would be better.  Bad Designer Decision!  Bad BAD!

Celoe is at the Mayfair region
Elikatira, AKA ETD hair
Belleza Betty Pale skin
Insolence hosiery.
ICING Princess Pearls Jewellery

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