Thursday, January 10, 2013

CC the Second Life Gaussian Girl

You all know the trope:

TV Tropes: Gaussian Girl

It seems to be rather prevalent on SL fashion blogs these days many of which more "glamour blogs: than review blogs, and that's not necessarily a good thing.  SL consumers need good reviews.  It helps consumers make good choices if they can see the details of the lovely ensembles better before they make their purchases.

So if you're a pale blonde with a while/cream outfit, try to turn the gauss and glow down a tad, and perhaps not use a pale background that your ensemble blends with.  Say it with me: Contrast!  And don't overuse depth of field effects.  That is if you're trying to show the actual gorgeous outfits.  I'd not be complaining about the SL Gaussian Girls if there were more review blogs and somewhat fewer Glamour Blogs.

Truth Sam Hair
Belleza Betty Pale skin #3
G Field Eve Pumps
Luxuria Alicia Lingerie (Roslin Petion)

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