Thursday, January 10, 2013

Friendly advice on Invisaprim shoes for designers.

Hello designers, some of you make shoes, very nice shoes.  Mesh shoes, alpha shoes...shooes CC LOVE.

But some of you still have your old invisiprim shoes on the market, sometimes even still for full price next to mesh/alpha shoes.  This makes CC (and others) sad.


1. Take the invisiprim shoes of the market.  For one, there are those who simply don't buy such shoes anymore they've been passed up by new and better SL shoe technology that makes shoes pretty!

2. Leave them on the market but heavily discount them and put them for cheap on marketplace.  Keeping them on marketplace is fine...but invisiprim shoes don't belong in your stores right next to your awesome meshy shoes.

With Luv, CC. (though it was someone else who mentioned this issue to me)

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