Monday, July 19, 2010

Rosie's Thingies

Rosemarie Indigo dropped a blogger box on me today, and the name of the shop intrigued me so I opened it right up. Eyes, it contained eyes, Considering how my favourite Eye maker (Miriel Enfield) has left SL, I figured I ought to take a look considering how the eyes were described as a fruit inspired set. One set of the eyes, the Framboise (raspberry) made CC look deranged, but this set...the Kiwi, is nice.

A very nice kiwi-ish green, and how I love a nice green eye. Now admittedly I'm a smaller iris sort of gal, so these larger irises aren't my thing, but if you do like quirky large irised eyes, you ought to take a look...considering how the designer said she was a Miriel fan herself. They're inexpesive as well, 30L% for the fruit eyes, except for Framboise, which is a dollarbie.

Rosie's Thingies at Fantasy Dreams (181, 109, 801)

And on XstreetSL:

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