Thursday, October 28, 2010

Viewer 2.2 Awesome

Now normally when I change clothes in SL, I use the Add to feature, so I can change wherever I'm at and not be nekkid. Well last night I was changing and adding some jewellery....and it didn't replace my old jewellery like it normally went on the same attachment point.

Also, some may not know but you can have multiple clothing items on the same spot...just right click "Add" That applies to skin and the new makeup layers as well. That's would now be possible for skin makers to do their own separate lines of eyeshadows, blush, lippies, etc.

I'm actually wearing four sets of earrings in that pic, and two necklaces on the chest point (and another on the spine) Just before I took that pic I was wearing 2 makeup layers over it...just because I could.

Thank you Linden Lab.

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