Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Second Chick feature

Some may not know that I'm open to doing an occasional feature/commentary/post for practically any blog that likes what I write. I had heard that the Second Chick blog was looking for writers. Second Chick is: "for and about the women of the Second Life® virtual world" Whether you’re a woman in your first life, in Second Life, both or neither doesn’t really matter. If you’re interested in the the things that appeal to women in the Second Life virtual world, then Second Chick may be just the thing for you. So I contacted the owner, Willow DejaVu and sent in a submission.

My little post is The Holes in My Heart

I hope my readers enjoy reading it, and the other posts on Second Chick.


Kanomi said...

Nice post on there... wondering why you don't have a link to my blog you've hundreds of others! :)

CronoCloud said...

Gives blogger love to Kanomi and links to her.

Yeah I borrowed those links from another blog.

Zillow Dejavu said...

Crono's post is the third most viewed on Second Chick at this point (after my post about the job openings and the one titled "He's Just Not That Into You Anymore).

Thanks for making Second Chick a better blog, Crono.

Kanomi said...

oh thank you :) linkback love