Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The beautiful Rooby Begonia

There are Second Life fashion websites out there who chronicle the fashion challenged in a humorous way. Today I decided to do something similar, but to show someone who, in my personal opinion, had a stylish and interesting look, with a couple of images from my SL folder.

One day, last December I was pointed to a store by a friend, and as I was looking around, I saw an avatar, a rather beautiful one. Now there are those that say everyone's avatar can be beautiful in SL, but I don't think that's exactly true, above average in attractiveness perhaps, but truly beautiful, no. I see lots of attractive avatars, and interesting avatars, but ones that that I consider beautiful are a bit more rare.

I saw her:

Redheads tend to get my attention, and the way she was dressed, and the way she moved and her hair, it all just added up to "Breathtaking."

Many things ran through my head:

  • Who is she? Her name is Rooby Begonia. Rooby Begonia, what a great name.
  • Where does she shop?
  • Is she an SL model, she has to be.
  • If I had my own agency I'd hire her right now.
  • Ooooh, her AO is awesome.
  • I wonder if she will speak to me.
  • I want to have her prim babies.
  • She is carrying a PURSE!
  • She looks like she just popped out of some fashion magazine
  • I want her hair...ah, Analog Dog.
  • Should I talk to her?
  • She is truly beautiful, in a rather classic Ralph Lauren-ish way.
  • She isn't answering, maybe she doesn't speak English....oh no. I want to tell her how beautiful she is. Whatever you do, don't go away!
  • Oh! She was only AFK! She's talking to me. Yay!

Just look at her...sigh. Redheaded Fashion goddess. What? I didn't have an immediate crush, honest. Sure, she's a Stephanie Misfit class beauty, but I didn't check her profile to see if she was partnered...honest. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Rooby's skin is a Chai, the hair being Analog Dog Mia. I'm wearing ETD Maaliyah and a Fleur skin. Can't remember my outfit, but that's the denim skirt out of the Hazel outfit from Shine. Pinson boots from Enkythings. She makes me look like chopped liver.

And she's NOT a model! I know! She said someone told her that her nose is too big, and she said she wouldn't have the patience for it. What a loss to somebody's stable of models.

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