Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lady Darcy earns £10000 a year, thanks to Nicky Ree.

Mrs. Bennet from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice:

Good gracious! Lord bless me! only think! dear me! Mr. Darcy! Who would have thought it! And is it really true? Oh! my sweetest Lizzy! how rich and how great you will be! What pin-money, what jewels, what carriages you will have! Jane's is nothing to it -- nothing at all. I am so pleased -- so happy. Such a charming man! -- so handsome! so tall! -- Oh, my dear Lizzy! pray apologise for my having disliked him so much before. I hope he will overlook it. Dear, dear Lizzy. A house in town! Every thing that is charming! Three daughters married! Ten thousand a year! Oh, Lord! What will become of me. I shall go distracted.... My dearest child.... I can think of nothing else! Ten thousand a year, and very likely more! 'Tis as good as a Lord! And a special licence. You must and shall be married by a special licence. But my dearest love, tell me what dish Mr. Darcy is particularly fond of, that I may have it tomorrow.

I love Colin Firth, well not exactly love, but he's my favourite UK romantic actor. One of his quintessential roles was as Mr. Darcy in the A&E/BBC coproduction of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. In the film Bridget Jones Diary, he essentially repeated the characterization as Mark Darcy, since the character in the original book was written with his portrayal of Mr. Darcy in mind. And here is Mr. Firth as the proud Mr. Darcy himself in his most quintessential ensemble from the miniseries:

I saw this Lady Darcy ensemble in Nicky Ree and I just had to have it...Swoon!

I know I know, I should have taken a few pics glowering in a corner, that's what he does. But isn't it such a handsome ensemble. I love that style of jacket and wish they were still in style. And the ruffle collar shirt, and lovely waiscoat. I paired it with Riding boots from Adam n Eve, since they have a nice pretty heel but not too high. Hair is ETD Carolyn in the 2007 version of Mahogany and the skin is a Fleur Allure, Lounge 3.

It comes in multiple colors, but the other colors suck from my perspective because EVERYTHING comes in the color. Which means the jacket is red, the waistcoat is red, the trousers are red, the shirt is red and there's not enough contrast between the various pieces. That means this black and white version is the ONE to get. Now if the other versions came with contrasting shirts/trousers/etc, that would be most excellent. My suggestion is to buy the Black and white one and then if you want, get the other versions for the jackets and wear those jackets with the white shirt and trousers. There's also a men's version called Lord Darcy.

Apparently there's a Pemberley sim in SL so I should go there...and find a pond. Heh heh heh, pond scene.

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