Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I love Icing

And not just on cakes either.

Fashionistas chat with each other, this is what we do, especially when we work with each other. So I was talking with Daisyblue Hefferman, a co-minion of Linden Lifestyles, and she mentioned wanting a horse but not having enough money. I told her that I knew of a place with cheaper horses that seemed pretty cool to me, Virrginia Tombola's Coach House just off the Caledon Eyre telehub. So I popped over there and checked the prices and offered a TP to Daisyblue. And then I saw what she was wearing and wanted to rip it off her right then and there. It reminded me of my third grade teacher Mrs Lowery who was a bit of a "dame" with a taste for classic styles. Mrs. Lowery would have worn something like that, perhaps with a bit less cleavage, though she probably would have worn her red and white spectator pumps. So as soon as I could I bought it too, making my first visit to ICING. It's called Study Date, but IMHO it's way too sophisticated for a student, I think of it as more as "Alluring Librarian", it gets the details right, the sleeves, the belt, the little bow, the books.

While at Icing I also picked up this Holiday Party dress, which I love love love, it's just so Donna Reed meets pretty pretty pretty. The skirt moves so prettily and it has a net crinoline. It looks great without the fur capelet too.

And yes, I saw lots of other retro-pretty lovelies at Icing that I NEED.

ETD Roslin hair in the older Mahogany, and TaP Vivant skin (just lips 2, frameworks glasses, Lassitude &Ennui Eva shoes, pictures taken in Caledon Victoria City.

Icing store at Mischief 147, 160, 24


Anonymous said...

CC, I am stunned you hadn't been to Icing before. Their style suits your look perfectly, IMHO. One of my favorite shops in SL.

Hazel Kyrgyz said...

Pssst. Your Linden Lifestyles link doesn't work.

CronoCloud said...

Link is fixed. I know it's strange I haven't been to Icing. It was one of those stores in my "list of places to go to that I haven't got around to going to"

Delilah Karas said...

I agree with Kit. Icing is wonderful ;)