Thursday, December 20, 2007

En Garde!

En Garde is a two-player turn based card game playable in SL inspired by RL fencing. It was created by Rifkin Habsburg of Procyon Games and was inspired by the En Garde tabletop card game by Reiner Krizia. I learned about it in Caledon and just looove it. Since it's turn based, it's immune to lag, and it doesn't matter what your frame rate is. The game itself hands out what's needed to play, a scripted weapon (that's just for cool fencing type animations and sounds while playing) and the HUD that's used to play. I even bought my own set. While you can buy traditional fencing gear to wear by Bryndal Ellison at the Procyon Games location in SL, I tend to wear whatever I have on at the time, like this crisp white blouse from Winter Moon, pencil skirt from Ingenue and Tesla Natash stilettos. My weapon is the Ordinal Malaprop Galvanice Swordstick (En Garde version)

You can see the scoreboard behind me, which can show Team Rankings, World Player Rankings, or Local Ranking.

And here are Mr. and Mrs. Scaggs-Despres (Kacy Despres on the left and Mordecai Scaggs on right) engaged in a duel. You click on the score sign attached to the pole to get set up to play.

One reason I have my own piste is because I thought about renting it out for fashionista events. For example one could issue fashion prizes to winners of duels or set up tournaments to win a Limited Edition item, that sort of thing. (Though it can't give out items itself currently, I suggested that function to Mr. Habsburg) It's an additional draw for competitive fashionistas. Another plus is that it's low prim, the game itself is 16 prims and a single signboard is only another 18, how cool is that.

You can get the game at the Procyon games location in Malrif, personal license is 1999, commercial is 2999. The personal version is also available here on SLEX

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