Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The 25 limit must die! Use Subscribe-O-Matic

I hate the 25 limit on groups. Really really hate it. But there's social groups and update groups and \I get invited to groups all the time and simply can't join them because I'm at my max. It would make me very happy if more update groups switched to Subscribe-O-Matic. Admittedly, Subscribe-O-Matic is a fee based service and might work best for larger businesses.

Of course, all this would be moot if the Lindens would increase the group limit. 100 would be a nice start, 200 would be better, 1000 would be heaven.


Phoenix Chapman said...

I know one large business owner who is a bit nervous about using Subscribe-o-Matic because it stores avatars' information and she's a bit nervous about subjecting her customers to that.

antonia marat said...
vote for more than 25 groups in the SL jira! :)

CronoCloud said...

Thanks for thinking of that Phoenix, I hadn't thought about the privacy issue, that's another downside of Subscribe-O-Matic.

And thanks for posting the Jira link Antie, I can't stand the Jira interface so I don't use it, or check it like I should. Bad CC.

Teagan Blackthorne said...

An increased limit and the option for group owners to turn off chat if they want it to be solely for updates. I would love this. I am scared of the subscribeomatic thing and it seems to have been a bit broken this past week.

Genna Gray said...

Unfortunately that Jira issue has been open since I think May of this year. And I don't know as LL will approve it any time soon. I came across it a few weeks ago, and there is some sort of explanation that increasing groups puts more strain on the network traffic and therefore would add to the instability of SL (like it could be more than it already is). I don't understand the how/why, but I guess they have a reason why it is limited. I'd be overjoyed tho if they could just increase it to like 40-50 groups. I'm so tired of having to constantly leave one to join another and there are a few that are mandatory for me.

MSo Lambert said...

Hey guys, thought I'd address some comments :)

@Teagan: We got no reports of any issues from any of our subscribeomatic clients this past week, and from checking our logs, I can see that all message/item deliveries were completed without a single problem - what did you mean by broken, exactly? Is there any specific Subscribe-O-Matic group that you're having issues with?

@The privacy concerns: they are more than understandable, we all have trust issues when dealing with 3rd-party in Second Life. That said, when designing Subscribe-O-Matic, privacy was a top priority. We're not after your data in any way, and as a service provider, I'm not interested in who joins your group. The only data we are storing is the data needed for you to send notices to your subscribers (and the date and region where they subscribed), which is WAY less than what is already publicly available to anyone in Second Life, for example. To compare, if you have an update group, anyone in SL can join it, and see the whole list of your customers, or even export it. I ca n even see how active your customers are (when they last logged in). I can start a group chat session and invite people over to my store, if I wanted, or spam them with SLUrl's to my event. None of this is possible with the Subscribe-O-Matic, and the list of your subscribers is not available anywhere and to anyone else but the group owner. We don't store, or provide any private or aggregate data even to group owners - we don't store when you were born, whether you are age validated, or whether you have payment info available or not, even though all that is considered public information and available to anyone in Second Life, simply by looking at your profile, or using scripts to extract that information about you.

@Groups: I believe Second Life groups weren't designed to be used so massively for update groups in the fashion industry. As much as LL would probably love to address some of the issues, like the relatively low group limit (heck I remember when that limit was only 10 hehe), and no way to turn off group chat, I believe they would have to practically rewrite most of the underlying group system to address that. I believe the groups simply weren't made to handle thousands of people in group chat, and it's already putting a lot of load on the back end, which is why they can't simply change the group limit from, say 25 to 50, without redoing the back end architecture around this first. If you ever tried to send a notice to a group with 5000 members, you know it's not a smooth ride most of the time.

Happy shopping, and happy holidays :)