Monday, September 24, 2007

RealSKINS by Stephen Lightworker

I don't do heavily photosourced skins, everyone knows this. Can't stand em. So when Stephen Lightworker of RealSKINS dropped some one me I was filled with trepidation. What should I say? Should I not write about them? I finally decided I should write about them, at least a little.

Here's the Krista skin, pleasant perky face. Reminds me a bit of Paige Davis who formerly hosted Trading Spaces (US version)

The Erica skins, which have a rather young looking and cute face (and come with a young looking shape)

Nitpicky points:

The lips are picky shapewise and do not flatter my shape's default lips.
I don't like the torso shading, the blurry boobehs in particular.

But....if I wasn't going to get nekkid, I could tolerate these because of the great faces. Which means for fans of photosourced skins, I would recommend these. That said, I still personally prefer hybrid skins, sorry folks.

RealSKINS is located at: Pogon 32, 51, 38

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