Sunday, September 23, 2007

R.I.P. StyleDisorder

The StyleDisorder fashion blog is no more. This was not "unexpected" but I was hoping it wouldn't happen. In my personal uninformed opinion what took down SD was what killed PXP: "Willow Zander is a human being and not just a blogging machine." PXP and SD were heavily dependent on Willow to keep up the output on new stuffage, but when Willow needed to take a break from SL back in the PXP days, or has an upcoming release of "the bean in her oven" that means new fashion bloggy content comes to a standstill. And without new content readers become unhappy especially if any other bloggers involved simply couldn't keep up with the expected output.

Personally I'd have loved to add on more writers to PXP when Cani, Willow and Arbel left, but I didn't have that power and the one who did, Lo Jacobs was in absentia. Something similar may have happened at SD, but I don't know for certain.

I'm going to miss Style Disorder, I still miss PXP, though SD essentially recreated the feel of PXP. I hope that sometime in the near future the writers of SD return, perhaps once Willow is less busy with bean related RL stuffage.

and in the spirit of PXP and SD: zOMG, who's going to blog Ginny's, Starley's, Elika's and Cani's byootiful and/or kyoot new release stuffage!

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