Thursday, July 19, 2007


Yay, it's my SL rezday! Has it been a year already? Seems like only yesterday that I was a starry eyed newbie Ruth.

Here's an image from my early days, from about July 24th, OPIUM suit and Ruth skin/hair.

And look at me now, well June 25th anyway, suit from Marzipan's Closet:

If I go back and look at my older posts, I start looking like "myself" around the 31st of July, and look pretty much like I do now starting in mid August when TaP Deux came out.

I've really enjoyed SL over the past year. If I'd have been told that in the future:

1. My avatar would sometimes get recognized by avatars I have never met.

2. That I would have contributed to PXP.

3. That I would be a Linden Lifestyles Lackey.

4. That I would be known for dancing on cows.

5. And have over 10000 items in the inventory

I would have not believed it. Among the highlights:

Schoolgirl Antics in Luminosity
Cow Dancing
Meeting Sabrina and Sachi Vixen during the building of Dickens Fair
Meeting Roslin and CJ in the old TaP store.
Meeting Swirly Cyclone in Paper Couture.
Making the Picture Perfect Studio Light Effects
Discovering Caledon
Becoming a Caledon Gun Bunny (We wuv you Guvnah Shang!)
Meeting Salome.
Meeting tons of other Fashionistas.
Voting for Kit, at the Big Brother Habitrail.
And many many more.

I just want to thank everyone who's friended me. It's the people that make SL great, not just the shopping and playing dress up with my avatar.

I've just went back to the first sim I entered. I joined SL through an SLURL for a Geekbrief SL meetup, so it was the old CC. Chapman headquarters in Shatgogae I appeared at, not newbie island, so I was totally and completely lost. My first landmark was:

C.C. Chapman's Podcast & Digital, Shatgogae (243, 196, 50)

My first fashion related LM was:

OPIUM Everyday + SKIN, Alpha Centauri (215, 8) created on July 23rd. Which is still a valid LM for OPIUM. Yay Alaska Metropolitan

I have LM's from Caledon dated July 28th.

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Congrats on your resday.