Thursday, July 19, 2007

Contest entry and skin comparison

Yeah, I entered the Ginny/Starley Are you the face of style contest, but I had to get a Starley skin first. I only had a Passport and I don't flatter it and it makes me look like Salome. So I tried demos.......lots of demos and figured out right off that I don't like the Vogue/Deviant Nation brows. Can't stand them. Course, that's me being picky on brows. After doing some searching I found the Carrot and Auburn Charmed series and got a Carrot:

My shape flatters it much better than the other Starley skins, I actually look like me and the I can tolerate the brows. I know, I harp on brows, but they're very important, especially to redheads. The shape and color just has to "work". Give me a groomed, shaped, "classic" brow with a nice arch, but not too much arch any day.

For comparison a shot in TaP Sophisticate 1, one of my favorite skins ever:

Yeah, I'm Roslin and CJ's ***** all right.

I'm lip picky too, but that is another story.

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Alaska Metropolitan said...

It's all about the Charmed skins. I love that they're tintable, and it's prompted me to revisit that option for my own skin line.