Monday, July 23, 2007

A new micro-nation, Avendale

I just found out about a new micro-nation in SL, Avendale, founded by Mystical Cookie of Mysti-Tool fame. It sounds very interesting from the Notecard:

Hello, and thank you for your interest in Avendale!

We currently have land available in the following beautiful sims:

Avendale Town Square, Avendale (204, 201, 21)
Nevi Community Public Park, Nevi (142, 192, 22)
Adeo Community Tavern, Adeo (153, 106, 22)
Cila Community Park, Cila (123, 123, 21)

Anyone is welcome to visit and enjoy our wonderful community! We are a real community of friends living in beautifully landscaped island estates. Please do not be afraid to say hello to us, we love to meet new friends!

Are you looking for land? Tired of moving and discovering one week later laggy casinos, shopping malls, strip clubs, etc have come to your mainland sim? We have no such things here. Come and see for yourself. :) Each sim has a different setting and feel, from town settings to countryside forests!

Even if you do not own land in our sims, we would still love to meet new and friendly people to assimil.. um.. integrate into our community! Please be fun, friendly, and pardon our sometimes twisted sense of humor. :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a notecard to Mystical Cookie!


And the Covenant is somewhat similar to Caledon's.

So I think it's worth a look for those looking for a nice place to settle down, build a shop, hang out.

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