Sunday, July 15, 2007

Missing my bosses, oh no it's faux Sabrina and Salome again.

Yes, I'm missing Sabrina and Salome's post on Linden Lifestyles very much. No, I don't know when they'll be back. Summer is a very busy time for them, something similar happened last year. But not only am I their Friday Interview Lacky, I am their #1 fan or should be. So when I really mis the "Red Headed Shameless Hussy" or "The Patootie Haired One." I'll dress like them, and then sit in my skybox and say "Pants" and "Squee"

You see, Sabrina and Salome are among my favorite people to hang out with, though I haven't done that a lot, they're very busy ladiee. Theyr'e even funnier and wittier in virtual person than they are in their blog posts.

Sabrina, or as I like to cal her, "The Red Headed Shameless Hussy" is in part the inspiration for my own "Red Headed strangeness".And it is because of her, that I can't spell jewellery and favourite in the US way anymore. This is one of my favorite Sabrina outfits, i'ts a mixture of different pieces Armidi Bombshell hair and a Gala skin. This is my only Gala skin. I've always wanted to know what Gala looked like on me so I finally broke down and got one. I reallylike it...mostly, except for a minor quibble with the brow color, but I'm extremely picky about brow color. I think Gala skin looks better with thinner lips so I tweked them down a bit just for this skin. The outfit itself is a little bit punk, a little bit girly, and a lot sexy. Details are in her original blog post, and of course she looks better in the total ensemble than I do.

the eo/last call/wrong/oi/heart headband outfit post:

Ah Salome, everyone's favorite Patootie wearer and Mistress of Squee. She's my shoe inspiration. These outfits are from Reasonable desires, the purple bodiced gown and the nun set. That's the only Passport skin I own and frankly my shape does not flatter it. I'm also not fond of Starley's default brows but that is just me and my brow pickyness. I've said it once and I'll say it again redheads are hard to please, especially when that redhead is me. Salome is not a redhead though and like her I'm a fan of ETD's browns, especially Chestnut. Salome looks much cuter in the nun's habit than I do.

nun habit and purple bodice dress from reasonable desires review

I have sometimes thought of myself as Sabrina and Salome's strange "love child" because I'm like a combination of them in some ways stylewise. And has been said on Linden Lifestyles, they show their love by telling each other (and me) why they hate what they're wearing. Sabrina is one of the reasons I switched to less intense greens in my eyes. And I am their #1 fan, but not a stalker! Really. I'm not that crazy, Sabrina has sticks! I just like to do "faux Sabrina and Salome" when they go missing, like I said, yeah that's the ticket. But I am too much Roslin and CJ's ***** to look like them all the time. I love my Tete a Pied skins.And I have my whole "CC looks like a 50's housewife / sophisticated businesswoman / ocassional hussy / penguin" thing going on.

But wherever they are and whatever they are doing I wish them a speedy return to blogging, so that we all may read "Pants!" and "Squee!" again.

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