Friday, May 30, 2014

The CC List

I've added a new page to the header, The CC List.

The CC List is a list of "approved brands", but not meant to be an exhaustive list. This doesn't mean they are perfect,  in general it means that I like their items, consider them of acceptable quality and that their prices are fair.  I may sometime in the future, do a list or HUD of specific items that I believe are worth pointing out in specific categories or use cases.  An example of that would be something like:

Hair, Long, Wavy, Dressy: Emo-tions Pria, though Emo-tions isn't on the list...yet, they'd be considered a "runner-up"  (My Attic might be closed, so check Emo-tions main store)

Shoes, Slink medium feet, Dressy/evening, Ankle strap closed toe Pump, 100mm heel equivalent: Diana

Dress, Mesh, Daytime, classic, sheath, sleeveless, jewel-neck,: Style Edit Sloane

Jewelry, Classic, Pearls, Single-strand, White: Yummy Michelle set

I want the CC List to be sort of "capsule wardrobe" oriented.  A list of simple, pretty, versatile and affordable items that will serve you well as go-to items in your inventory that will give you a good bang for the buck.  That doesn't mean it would be entirely modern items, since there's fantasy/steampunk/retro flavored items that have the same sort of "capsule" vibe to them as well.

This is an experiment, so it might not go anywhere, but it might prove useful even if only to me.

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