Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inspired by Mad Men's Betty Draper's Italy Look

You're probably thinking:

What?  CC is doing one of Betty's looks?  But she's a Joan Girl all the way!"

The story starts with a hair, Truth "January" hair, which was a group gift in limited colors... I liked it enough that I got it in my reds.  I've assumed that the hair was named after January Jones because it resembles the Hairstyle Betty wore in Season 3 of AMC's Mad Men when Don took her to Italy on a business trip to meet up with the loveably wacky curmudgeonly Mad Men version of Conrad Hilton.  While in Rome, Don goes off with Conrad and Betty goes into the Salon and transforms herself into this VISION

Now "Betts" is usually little miss perfect upper middle class Grace Kelly-ish WASP princess...but that, that was amazing.  Betty is Sexy!  She's Sultry. She can speak Italian!  The Un-Betty Makeup!  The Hair! She's flirting with Don!  And even better, the only thing that really dates that look is the hair, change that hair and you could rock that look now for an evening out.

So I was all over that..but never got around to duplicating the look...until yesterday I realized I had a Sonatta Morales Mesh dress that came pretty close..though it's 20's inspired.

That's the "Sweetie" Mesh dress fron Sonatta Morales

That's Belleza Betty Pale 3 skin with the Shyla/Betty #7 lipstick tattoo layered over it.  Beetlebones mesh lashes.  Yummy Tiffany jewellery set.


Sonatta Morales




G Field

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