Thursday, February 02, 2012

Her name is Amaris (Adam n Eve's new Amaris skin)

She was sitting in the University Library, she looked as if she was waiting for someone, she was a little bit dressed up for a coed, she told me she preferred dressing nicely. She was the girl next door, sweet, in the full bloom of young womanhood...her name was Amaris."

CC wears 5th & Oxford skins, everyone knows this. I am VERY skin picky, and while I freely acknowledge that there's a lot of great skin out there....I don't often wear it because it's not "CC". I have some very specific needs in a skin and it's hard to find my perfect skin. There are many who don't know this...but if all of my Roslin-made 5th & Oxford skin disappeared from my inventory and the entire grid, I would scream and tear my hair out in agony...and then I would head to Adam n Eve. Because even though I wear my Roslin-made skins almost all of the time, I DO wear other skins..and if you do see me in another skin these days, it's probably an Adam n Eve. Which is kind of funny, because I jumped from Adam n Eve to the TaP Deux's back in 2006. I have always considered Sachi-skin as I call it, to be among the nicest in SL. Well worth a trip to check them out.

Amaris is not my perfect skin...its a little young for me, but it is a VERY nice sweet and youthful skin and well worth blogging. (I almost blogged her previous Harper release, it made me look like Harper Beresford who did a nice job of blogging it, since it was inspired by her.)

Okay look at this squeezable tush. Isn't it adorable.

Goes back to ogling the tush again.

Nice face isn't it. Smudged eyeliner, soft neutral eyeshadow, simple makeup suitable for a college coed. Very pretty and youtful as I said.

The outfit itself is from Adam n Eve, mostly. The Sweater is the CC Sweater...and yes it's named for me. Look, it's no real big thing unless you have hair, a skin or a gown after you, those are the real prizes for fashionista bragging rights. :-) Ha ha ha. It's a nice simple little cropped comes in other colors as well.

The shirt is the Billie Linen shirt...which has my favorite white shirt collar in SL, while cleavagey it is classic.

The skirt is the shorter skirt from the Cora set (which comes with a very nice ruffly cleavagey poet shirt itself.

Tights are from Mon Tissu

Boots are the Madison Alpha Boots from Deco.

Glasses from Insolence

You simply can't get the jewelry and eyes anymore...I miss you Miriel Enfield.

Adam n Eve is in Genesis, of course. Go...NOW! Maybe you'll be "having Sachi's baby!" (an old reference to her old group title for her fans)

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