Thursday, January 01, 2009

A try at a better ad.

I've complained about ads and store displays before and I've decided to put my money where my mouth is.

Here's an ad, for a a gown that I very much like from Crimson Shadow, that could use a little bit of work. The gown and ad are located at Crimson Shadow Rezzable 229,166,27

Now, that ad isn't as horrible as some I've seen, but it could use a little work. In my opinion the ads major offenses are bad lighting of the avatar, and the text is placed directly over the background causing legibility problems.

Here's my quick and dirty remake of the ad, which still sucks, but is somewhat improved.

Notice how I have my avatar lit a touch better, though I probably should have turned up the contrast a bit on the avatar images compared with background. I've also placed the text, not over the background itself, but over a plain black "information area". Using such areas, separate from the item images themselves increases legibility, though I should have made the text bigger. My ad also shows the included shoes. Since I have that nice space at the side, I could add a store/brand logo which would have been an excellent idea. I might, depending on legibility, even be able to list information on the model's skin/eyes/hair right on the ad/display.

So there you have it, my own example of an ad improvement.


Faerie said...

Hi Chronocloud, without wanting to sound bitchy (I hope I don't), I think you missed the most important thing and in fact made the ad worse. Sorry to be negative but by showing a black dress against a black background I just can't see the (black) dress properly.

You did a much better job with the model's face but clothing simply has to be shown agains a light background - even in such a dark place as Crimson Shadow. Their use of the giant moon was a clever attempt at giving a white background although it didn't work at the bottom of the picture.

Good on you for helping to improve ads though.

CronoCloud said...

Yep, the gamma of my scene is an issue. I should have checked the image out on the laptop. I ought to have either used a light background, perhaps grey stone would work well, or upped the gamma on my avatar layers, or both. The dress isn't actually black, it's a very pretty midnight blue.

Thanks for your input and you didn't sound bitchy at all.

vint said...

Disclaimer: I did not make the original add, but I must say I agree with Faerie, I still like it better. Multiple reasons:

* The 'white background': it makes it stand out a bit, whereas yours is to dark and thus would totally blend it in Crimson Walls.
* The silhouette: the white circle shows a lovely silhouette of the woman, wheras this is lost on the 'on black' version
* I believe it's nicer with the brown hair.
* Lighting is indeed better on face & dress, but you lost definition on the middle model's neckline, making her look 'yukkie'.

I totally agree on the shoes though, but maybe they could have been featured in different 'frames' on the photographs, as well as the other accessories such as the gloves.

Thanks though, for keeping an eye on the adds of SL! ;)