Monday, January 05, 2009

My inventory frightens me, but look at these cool earrings I forgot to blog.

Oh sure, there's fashionistas with double the inventory (there are people with 60000 items!), but my inventory is ummm very disorganized. I throw stuff away, but it adds up. I also have that shame of the fashionista...unopened bought items. I have all sorts of things in there. I have a house, I think, probably more than one. I know I have a really cute victorian cottage....somewhere. I have fantastic waistcoats that are in my unsorted folder rather than my Caledon folder. I have a couple of VERY nice gowns by a relatively unknown designer that I NEED to blog, once I find my info on the store again.

I've got some unfinished projects in there, like my Steampunk Automaton and things I meant to blog but never got around to doing, some of that dating back to....2006.

Here's some pics of some cool earrings from JUNK by Koge Cleaver. (these are from July I think) Koge makes really cool looking earrings. I think one of the reasons I hadn't posted these is that I was wearing my thin lips shape because I was wearing last years Fleur Relay For Life skins which look better on my thin lips shape and are not available anymore...I think.

Yes, that's HCT hair and I'm wearing blue eyes instead of green, some of the strands get in the way of the jewellery, sorry about that. But they are really nice and well worth purchasing. Lets see if I can find a SLURL to Koge's shop:

Nope, but Koge does have a shop on OnRez and check out Koge's profile for a TP to the shop.

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ZE design Zigadena Gabardini-Emarald Harvey said...

hehe.. I passed 75 000 items some time ago..