Friday, October 10, 2008

Callie Victorian skins from AGENDA

While watching the Independent State of Caledon chat I saw a notice of some new Victorian style skins. As it is now, Caledonians tend to favour certain specific skin lines, so new skins designed with Caledonians with mind got my attention:

From the release notecard.

Thank you for trying on the Callie DEMO skins from Agenda. There are six skins in this package in two skin tones. These were designed specifically with Caledon residents in mind, capturing features of both Victorian style and some features that address modern resident needs and tastes. Also included is a Body Shape and an Eyebrow shaper. These extras can be used to show what I believe is an optimal face shape for these skins, but feel free to modify them to suit your own preferences. I have also included my best pair of pale blue eyes, gratis.

At this time, Agenda Skins and Clothing is not yet open to the public. Our schedule will hopefully allow for a late October opening in the Bad Wolf Bay region. For now, you can buy these skins in Kittiwickshire at the Discovolante shops.

They're pretty skins, very classic in appearance. They only come in two skin shades, pale and medium (which I show in the closeups below) and three different makeups. The lips on the skin do not flatter either of my standard shapes lips, so if I was going to wear these I'd have to do another lip shape/lower face shape. The cleavage shading is well done, that's quite necessary for a Victorian Trollop like myself.

This is the pale skin shade:

This is the medium skin shade:

My personal opinion is that they are worth getting, if the lips flatter your lip shape, and if you like "classicly elegant" skins like I do. I only got the demos because I want to tweak my lips sometime and try them again, and I'm saving my cash for the new Fleur skins coming up next week.

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