Saturday, December 20, 2008

CC wears Fleur, everyone knows this. She is their #1 fan.

I say the title of this post all the time. I have worn Fleur, formerly Tete a Pied, skins almost exclusively since August of 2006. I am probably one of the "oldest" Fleur fans on the grid (though not the oldest) and did end up being one of the Fleur Insiders. Don't ask me how many Fleur skins I have, I think I have 12 or so of the new Allure's, at least 54 or so of the Vivants.

Why does CC wear Fleur? It's the faces. I need classic pretty makeup and Fleur gives it to me, lots of it, and at good prices. That means I can change my skin to match my outfit and have tons of skin for various purposes. Also, Fleur is redhead friendly skin. There are skins I simply can't wear because they don't come with red or red-brown brows that I can wear with my favourite ETD Mahogany hair color.

So let's take a pictoral look at the evolution of Fleur, with more nudity than a Second Life Herald Post Sixx post! This isn't a review, CC is biased towards skin that makes CC pretty, passes the bald and naked test, and is made by Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot. I am, after all as I say, their #1 fan.

We start with the oldest Tete a Pied skins, the ones now commonly referred to as the Une's.

This skin was entirely hand drawn. They have non-fuzzy nips and that cute little heart shaped bush, which has become a Fleur tradition. The shading is minimalistic, which meant that TaP Une's made my boobehs look smaller and cleavage less resplendent than other skins so back when I wore them I knocked the knockers up to 66. The face is demure and sweet looking in a sort of retro way and has those TaP Une slightly glossed lips which were something of a trademark. This shape I'm wearing I didn't actually wear much with the Une's since it came after.

I still have my special scripted Tete a Pied makeup box which let you buy skins in your favourite shade and brow color at a very significant discount. It sits on my vanity table in my skybox. I'd love to have a new (non scripted) Fleur branded makeup box to sit along side it. I have nostalgic feelings for the old TaP builds at Ear and Pyrina. These were nice skins and I loved them...then in August of 2006 came the Deux:

Time changes in SL, and so does skin, and the TaP Deux's showed Roslin and CJ's progression in mad skin skills. The body has more shading and definition and look at the boobehs! The faces while still having a classic look were more modern looking and seemed more detailed to me.

There was one problem with the Deux's, the brow color. You could not buy your choice in brow color from the vendors, so I had to get me a custom 4 pack of the Deux Sophisticates. Later on, Roslin and CJ released 4 packs just for us redheads. I loved the Deux's and consider the Deux's as when I started looking like me because I finally had a face I liked. I sometimes describe my shape as looking like Alaska Metropolitan's catalog model sister compared to her runway model look since my shape is a modded version of a freebie shape she made. I did all sorts of futzing with the face and eventually the body (to make it shorter and a bit less supermodely) Now one thing that TaP had in those days was shapes, and one of those shapes came with a brow shape that became my default hair base for a year...until the TaP Vivants came out. Ahhh, the Vivants.

The Vivants were hybrid skins, though Ros and CJ had experimented with touches of photosourcing in some of the later TaP Deux skins. Putting it blunty, the Deux were good, but the Vivants were better. Thanks to the new cleavage shading I even knocked the knockers back down to 60. I was pretty in the Deux but the Vivants made me a glowy glamazon. A glowy glamazon with brows that always matched my hair. Those Vivant brow and kitty packs were the best thing ever. All Vivant skin was redhead skin, woo hoo. That was a good thing, because Roslin and CJ made lots of Vivant skin with lots of makeups to choose from, which means I bought lots of skin. lots of freaking CHEAP skin, because if you bought them in the 3 packs it came out to 400L$ a skin. Almost as cheap as the old TaP Unes were with the special makeup box discount. Roslin and CJ wanted people to think of skin as an accessory to be changed to match the outfit so they changed their pricing strategy. It worked, because it seemed like everyone was buying Vivants and you always saw green dots in the Nouveau sim.

Then came the branding change with a new sim, which surprised me, but was probably a good idea since Fleur is snappier and easier to spell than Tete a Pied. Ahh I loved the train station, that lovely man CJ rocks as a builder, though I love to poke fun when he's in TaP Shepherd dressed like Roslin. Now Fleur looks like Manhattan, and there's the new Premium luxury line of skins, the Allure's.

CC wears the Allure's now, and it would take Wild Zontars and a Blingon Warfleet from Vulgaria to get me to switch skin makers. Though I do wear other skins on rare occasions, and I freely admit there's lots of great skin out there. It's just that, CC wears Fleur.

The Allure's are also hybrid skins. The body now, the body, oh that beautiful body. The body that's good enough for the dance pole, or burlesque, or just simply being nekkid at the Allure launch in. The feet are great, the hands are great and the nips are awesome. The faces are even prettier than the Vivants. Weirdly enough, the Allure's actually make me look more like Alaska Metropolitan than I did before. That's one of the Kitten makeups in the Truffle skin shade. I looove the winged eyeliner. I'd kill to be able to do it that well in RL. Since Allure's are premium luxury skins, they come at a premium luxury price......1000L$. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, that Roslin and CJ, such comedians, they're a steal at that price for the quality you get. Oh okay, originally at launch they were 1200L$ each (with 3 packs at 3000L$) and even currently at 1000L$ each (with 3 packs unavailable) they do cost more than the Vivants (which they supplement, not replace), but not really. You see, if you buy the Fleur gift cards in the larger denominations you can get them at a discount, either 33% or 50% for the 3000L$ card. So if you buy the 3000L$ card you're actually paying... 500L$ per skin and you can pick and choose and don't have to buy a specific 3 pack to get a discount. Ha ha ha ha, they're practically giving these beauties away. Roslin and CJ, I love them so, they make lots of pretty skin for CC. Now if only they would name skin after CC, or a dress, or put a shrine to CC on the sim. Hey, I can dream.

Fleur skins blog is here
The store is at the Fleur sim of course, right next to Nicky Ree's Tropical Orchid.
My hair, is Maaliyah in ETD Mahogany (the 2008 version of Mahogany), Eyes are from Miriel Enfield, Vivid Naturals in Strong Green. The earrings are also from Miriel.

Fashionista Transparency: yes, I'm a Fleur Insider and member of the regular Fleur group.


Roslin said...

Thanks for the post. It was great to see how the line has evolved. I think even I don't own the first two generations of skins still! You are truly loyal.

Alaska Metropolitan said...

Ooh, Allure is gorgeous, I might have to stop being loyal to the Vivants...