Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Tiny Story, you betcha.

Ya know, there was once this avatar lady in a red jacket and black skirt, her hair was half up and down and she had glasses like Tina Fey.

The lady liked to hunt, which in and of itself isn't a bad thing, but the lady liked to hunt from a freebie DX4 Attack helicopter which isn't very sportspersonlike.

So she was wandering the skies of the grid and she found a Moose in Caledon Tanglewood. Must have been some kind of Maverick Moose to be wandering alone in Caledon. So she preparted to target and bag her a sculpty moose.

However, the Lady in the Red Jacket was called away for some other purpose. Probably involving camping for money for a bridge to a Sim named Nowhere. So she turned on the Computerized Artificial Intelligence of her helicopter, telling it to shoot the Moose and then bring it to her later, which would let her talk with the other Joe Sixpack campers about being an outsider.

So the un-womanned helicopter moved in and targeted the unaware moose with it's nose cannon.

Looks like our Moose-y friend is doomed. But wait, what's this. A Tiny defender of Moose shows up, carrying a VERY large weapon.

The tiny warrioress readies her weapon and aims at the AI controlled copter.

And then unleashes hell.

The helicopter is pushed away, thanks to our Tiny Heroine. Hurrah Hurrah.

Our Heroine celebrates by giving her support to a certain Senator from Illinois.

Red Jacket from Laqroki
Pencil skirt from Ingenue
Phoebe hair in Chestnut from ETD
Classic Pumps from Shiny Things
Fleur Vivant Red Lips 1 skin.

Tiny Moose Avatar from Extrovirtual


Milani Tedeschi said...

You go, girl!

Elizabeth Hallstrom said...

OMG I LOVE IT. I want a moose tiny! And what a better way to hunt wolves and moose, by helicopter - it really helps bring me back to our early roots as hunters and gatherers!

Elizabeth Hallstrom said...

Whether it be wolves or moose, hunting by helicopter is really the way to go! I know it helps me get in touch with my primordial instincts as a hunter and gatherer!

Therese said...

I did NOT know that they had the Tiny moose! Awesome!

I've got the mouse (with a mane*cough*) and the Spaniel.


Rhianon Jameson said...

I'm going to have to send you a "Peace Through Superior Firepower" t-shirt. The moose won't be much good for eating after the B-52 drops its payload, but it'll save on the field dressing!