Friday, February 22, 2008


Everyone knows about lolcats and icanhascheezburger, don't they?

I'm a copyKit because I'd been meaning to do a lolneko picture for some time and only got around to doing it after shameless red headed hussy Kit Meredith did it in this blog post upon her return to blogging again.

Again I must mention ImageMagick, that's what I used to caption the image, using this perl script, also posted below:


$input = $ARGV[0];
chomp $input;
print "Working on $input\n";
print "top string text (only ~30 chars or so): ";
$top = ;
chomp $top;
print "bottom string text (~30 chars): ";
$bottom = ;
chomp $bottom;

system "convert -scale 640 -gravity North -font Impact -pointsize 50 -fill white -stroke black -strokewidth 2 -draw \'text 8,30 \"$top\"\' -gravity south -fill white -stroke black -strokewidth 2 -draw \'text 8,30 \"$bottom\"\' $input lolcat.jpg";

Why ImageMagick doesn't get more press on the SL blogs is beyond me, it's just so useful.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

im in ur blogz

lafin at ur piktur

Glad I inspired you, CC - you look great as always! As for being a Shameless Redheaded Hussy, hmmm okay I'll cop to being two of those three. I'll let you figure out which two ;)