Friday, February 22, 2008

House of Zen: Career Woman

House of Zen has a nice sleeveless "career woman" dress for sale. Everyone knows I like tailored things so I picked it up. It's more of a summer dress, being sleeveless. The sort of thing you'd want to wear a jacket with at the boardroom while doing the presentation, but without a jacket back in your workspace. Problem is, it doesn't come with one. I'd LOVE to have a matching jacket.

As you can see, it's knee length and has nice piping at the button placket and waist. However, the collar shading and the hip darts are a just a little bit too defined for my taste. Perhaps a dark grey colour for the shading would have looked less stark. But then again it actually has darting, which is a plus. It comes in other colors but I liked this grey the best. I'll probably pick up the burgundy too, eventually

I paired the dress with my new Stacked pumps from Shiny things, the classic Fleur "Heiress" bag, Maaliyah hair from ETD, and neko ears/tail. I was in a neko mood at the time because lolcats had been mentioned on a message board I frequent. I think neko can look very nice in business wear.

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