Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cute Colonel Creeggan

Some may know that I am a "Friend of" the Victorian Steampunk SL micronation of the Independent State of Caledon. I'm a member of some Caledon groups, one of which is the military unit known as the Gunbunnies, which is comprised entirely of Tinys. The Gunbunnies are considered an Elite unit in Caledon whose main purpose is to serve as Guvnah Shang's bodyguards, similar to Queen Elizabeth's own Life Guards in the UK (They're a part of her Household Cavalry)

Recently, the commander of the Gunbunnies, Oolon Sputnik stated that he would step down and asked for volunteers to take over for him. I offered to do so, but only if no one else did. Guess who got the job.....that's right, me. So now I'm the commanding officer (colonel)of the Gunbunnies. It's my job to organize events, and you know, do stuff. Well, one of the things I thought of doing was doing some kind of Trooping the Colour like they do in the UK on the Queen's birthday. Well for that, I'd need a proper officer style horse, to look impressive on while I carry a flag/banner. But as a Gunbunny, I'm a tiny penguin and I didn't know if they made horses for Tinys. But in SL you can find anything, and yes, that means horses for tinys. Cute lil' ponies, actually. They even come in pink! Although I did say in the Caledon group chat: "I don't think a penguin colonel would ride a pink pony no matter how cute and adorable it was." So I settled for traditional white. Here I am, Colonel CronoCloud Creeggan of the Caledon Gunbunnies riding her great white pony, Stallman. Yes, I named the pony after Richard M. Stallman, pony's live in "stalls" and I do run GNU/Linux (though I just call it Linux) Hi ho, Stallman!

I acquired my pony from Lilliput in Heron Shire 215, 215, 21. It was only 550L$ and it even works with the Cavalry HUD sold at The Coaching House (right near the Caledon Eyre telehub)owned by Virrginia Tombola.

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