Thursday, March 22, 2007

Such exquisite Insolence.

I just had to see how the new famed Insolence lingerie looked on moi, so I TP'd on over and purchased the "Salome" set in black, ooh, sexay! Especially with my new Analog Dog Pom Curl in Copper hair, which is an extremely full, extremely lush, absolute mane of sex kitten hair that moves so beautifully.

The stockings have back seams and the set is just as lovely from the rear and so is the hair.

The lingerie set is name Salome and I just HAD to do a Salome inspired shot with me wearing ETD Patootie (in Mahogany mind you, not the Chestnut Brown Salome favors)

Since I have a Salome Strangelove inspired shot I really ought to have a Sabrina inspired one too. This one is of the Kaiti Designs Cinnamon dress which is quite delectable. It reminds me a bit of the Casa del Shai animal print dresses except Cinnamon is off the shoulder and not strapless.

Insolence lingerie
Venom (94, 134, 28)

Kaiti Designs
Danpoon (183, 32, 21)

Analog Dog
Pomponio (241, 210, 61)


Alaska Metropolitan said...

PLEASE tell you submitted that first pic to the Second Style pinup contest, it's so hot!

CronoCloud said...

No I haven't, I never thought of doing that (I never think about using snapzilla.)

I'll have to retake it. :-)

Swirly Cyclone said...

Darling, you look DIVINE in Insolence lingerie. Not as fabulous as Swirly of course, but still quite pretty! Swirly agrees with Alaska dear, marvelous pinup contest material. If Swirly wasn't so opposed to all this silly deadline nonsense these contests insist on, she would enter herself, but at least this way YOU have some chance of winning darling.