Sunday, March 25, 2007

Praise Elika, Patootie has returned to ETD.

It's baaaaaaaaaaaaack. One of my favorite ETD styles has returned to ETD as Patootie II. Patootie wearers across the grid will be pleased. And all the new folks will no longer be deprived of Patootie goodness and its available in Elika's new textures, like the luscious new chestnut.

A shot of me wearing it in front of the display in Elika's new hairstyles section. Oh Patootie, how have I missed you. This is the new mahogany shade. That's Tete a Pied Seductress Scarlet (redhead version) skin, and a Dazzle dress, that I didn't note the name of. But it's not available anymore of course. :-)

And a more close up image, Tete a Pied Rose Dark, Sophisticate 4 skin (redhead version). Lola Fauna "Pale is the New Tan" T-shirt.

So now Patootie afcionados will no longer have to plan to beseige ETD

Acquire Patootie Goodness at the ETD store on ETD Isle.

1 comment:

Ida said...

Woohoo! I ran right in and bought it. And then wondered if I needed the fatpack in case I ever go pink or something. Or at least the naturals pack. Maybe I should just get some new shoes instead. :D