Thursday, February 15, 2007

Home, sweet skybox

A very nice person, upon discovering that I didn't have a spot in SL of my own and went to a sandbox to do my pics gave me build rights over a 512 in their sim. I could build whatever as long as it was up in the sky. Now I've not built much. I've played with the tools a bit but not seriously so I was kind of at a loss. So I went to a sandbox and built myself a skybox. And then I aksed a neibhor how they built theirs and they told me that they just used a hollow 10x10x10 box prim. I tried that out but it seemed a little bit cramped, though I could fit in my Picture Perfect studio in it. It wouldn't be big enough if I wanted to invite friends up to chat/party/dance on cows.

Yeah, I still love Blaine Candour's dancing cow.

So I went back to the sandbox and tried building a larger skybox. Now even I am aware of the 10m size limit for prims. So what I did was try to build a 12x12 "flat" that I could use to build a larger structure. Doing the 12x12 took 4 prims, I then used that to build a 24x12x12 skybox. much more space than the 10x10 288 vs 100 square meters. But it was 32 prims just for the skybox which isn't bad, I've seen 512 "First Land" houses for sale that eat more prims, but it's still a little too much more than I wanted to use. So I went back to the sandbox and figured out how to build a 30x10x10 with only 5 prims. Much better.

Back when I was a newbie, when the Tete a Pied Une series skins was for sale, one way you could purchase them was by buying a four=pack which then came with a special scripted makeup box, which let you purchase the other skins or new skins in your skin shade at a heavily discounted price.

Tete a Pied blog post about the makeup box

Linden Lifestyles review of the Tete Une skins

Second Style blog post about Tete Une and the makeup box

Now when I got the makeup box, I told Roslin and CJ that I thought the box was just so darned cool and pretty that if I ever had a place of my own that I'd set it out on display, which I did.

But it's still rather bland, and has no ceiling or security. I've been looking around at houses and whatnot, but not finding much that will suit my purposes. I want a more open floor plan so I can set up my Picture Perfect and I don't want to have to pay alot and I want it to be low prim and aesthetically pleasing. Ingrid Ingersoll has some nice houses but there' more prims than I want to use. Barnesworth Anubis's store is shut down at the moment, so I couldn't look there. I went to a place that supposedly had a nice starter home with a build in security and feature device but the home mentioned in the review was not available as far as I could tell.

Sabrina Doolittle of Chez Petite fame has some nice prefabs on her sim, Calla, in fact the Sky House prefab is very close to what I'm looking for (It's only 27 prims too) except I think it's a touch smaller area wise than my skybox. I want the maximum amount of space I can get for the lowest amount of prims I can get. So if anyone has some thoughts, suggestions, ideas, I'll take them since I'm so out of my element in the house hunting/furnishing/building thing. I think the plot I can build over is a standard 512 32x16


Ida said...

Do you want something modern or traditional? Something cute and breezy with a deck and a big picture window would be fun for a sky box. You could build that yourself. I wonder how many prims that would take. Low prim is such a challenge. I may make a model for fun. I use my first land as my own personal sandbox (my neighbors must hate me) - you are welcome there any time (Patootie wearers have to stick together). IM me for the Top Secret Location.

That was a really long comment and all I was going to say was: Did you say "Dancing Cow?!"

Ana Lutetia said...

Good for you! Good luck for you.

I've just rented my first home.

Ana Lutetia said...

I found a nice skybox but it has 33 prims and I have no prims left in my land...