Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm back postin here.

It's been a while hasn't it?

As far as I can tell PXP has gone to the great blogroll in the sky, and I'm sorry that has happened. I lurved PXP and the people who wrote for it. I just wish I could have been more prolific.

So what am I up to now that PXP is gone? Not much really. Wandering around the grid, shopping, lamenting bugs and grid seizures. That sort of thing. I was asked to join the Linden Lifestyles team to help out with the Friday interviews. That's a nice gig and I'm a big fan of Flame haired Sabrina and Patootie headed Salome I still haven't met Salome on the grid yet.

I'll be posting on ocassion to this blog, pretty things I like and whatnot, commentary. I like commentary, I liked that best on PXP.

Quick stuffs:

Six Kennedy has been updating her build again, to improve the customer experience. I expected that to happen, Six is constantly improving stuff. She pays attention and learns. Although I don't own much Six hair, being Elika's bitch, Six does do my favorite "young and sexy teen queen" hairstyle, Poptart Finale.

Oh, Tami McCoy, I've not mentioned her much but she does good hair, especially the shorter styles.

As mentioned I'm Elika's bitch, and I've recently picked up Janae (a pretty updo), Roslin (a Roslin Petion inspired updo which I had to have, being Roslin's bitch) and Bonita II. In the new Mark (Avon makeup sub-brand) there's a model with a hairstyle which looks amazingly like Bonita. I'll have to scan it.

I've been meaning to visit Calla hair again. There's nice hair there that suits my style. I get confused with the name thinking that Calla hair should be in the Calla sim.

I've been wearing Miriel Enfield jewelry lately. In fact I think most of my jewelry is from Miriel. It's that whole pretty thing. I'm a sucker for pretty and retro.

I've got some stuff I'll be blogging here eventually that didn't get blogged on PXP.

I'm sorry I haven't updated since Dec, I just spent most of my bloggy time with PXP.


Caterin Semyorka said...

Hello CronoCloud, it was nice having a quick chat with you about the nails at Tete a Pied the other day. Also, good to see you're blooging again. C

Talon Lardner said...

Welcome Back! It's a shame about PXP dying, it and the good ol' Linden Lifestyles weren't your standard "Buy me because the creator sent me a copy!" blogs, but rather actually brought substance into the fashion world.