Friday, March 16, 2012

Quick Casual Friday, for Mrs. Upshaw-Bouscario

Another quick post while I have the pictures ready.

While I'm known for not dressing casually and usually, but not always, being the most dressed up avatar at my usual hangouts, even I wear jeans sometimes. It depends on my mood, mostly and who is around me.

The cardigan is the Comfy Cardigan from Fri.Day.The camisole is from the late lamented L`Abel brand from Neferia Abel....that was her branding on her modern stuff, it isn't available anymore. How I miss L`Abel, but I did manage to pick up most of her L`Abel inventory in the closing sale.

The Jeans are a new acquisition from Tres Blah, the Juju's, that my friend Clarice gifted me with. That's the black but they come in other washes, and I'll probably be picking up the dark rinse at least. You have choise of three different prim style leg attachments, straight, Flare, and rolled up. (Didn't take the time to do all 3.)

The flats are the Basic.Flats from

The hair is a cute modern shaggy style called Gala from Queue Marlowe's Analog Dog, under her "just .b" brand. That's the Fox color, and as I have said, I like Queue's reds.

The skin is the same as the last post I think, yes, yes it is. 5th & Oxford, Fair Subtle 6.

The whole outfit reminded me of the outfits you see the actresses in Swiffer/cleaning supplies/Glade candle commercials wearing, you know, the whole "I'm a cute young mom in a cami and cardi, hip jeans and ballet flats" look. So I pulled out my retro-vac from RC (Redd Columbia):

SLURL to Analog Dog Hair

SLURL to 5th & Oxford


SLURL to Tres Blah


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