Friday, March 16, 2012

Insolence Lauren Lingerie set, with Friend Clarice

Clarice is yet another member of what my friends and I call our "family", kind of like sisters of fashion. One of the things we do is make each other buy stuff. Well, not exactly make, it goes something like this, only with more words and not as succinctly and without LOLCAT speech:

"zOMG, that's adorable, I NEED it NAO, where did you get it? There? I am so there, NAO. You make me spend so many L$."

Some time ago, Clarice showed up at one of my favorite hangouts wearing a lingerie set I didn't recognize underneath a flannel shirt and jeans. Now even though I didn't recognize the set, and thusly didn't have it already, I did recognize the work, I know Camilla Yosuke's of Insolence's work on sight. Since Clarice was the one that "made" me buy it, she and I modeled it together. She also made me buy the flannel shirt.

It is named Lauren, it has the usual Insolence options, with corset, without corset, on various layers, garters no garters, 4 different pairs of stockings. Etc etc. But the important thing is that it was pretty, and CC NEEDED it.

Clarice is in the Red, and I am in the silver.

And a standing shot of the Red, it comes in more colors, and I don't have them all....yet. I know I will eventually. Included stocking colors are white, tan, off-black and black.

Clarice also made me buy that's Truth: Jean. How I adore Clarice...who makes me buy stuff. And yes, I asked her for permission to post these.

SLURL to Truth Hair

I forgot to ask about Clarice's skin and hair, I know, bad CC. But my skin is of course a 5th & Oxford, Fair Subtle 6. No prim lashes today, but I've been favoring the Beetlebones mesh ones lately.

SLURL to 5th & Oxford

Lauren Lingerie by Insolence:

SLURL to Insolence Lingerie

The shoooooooes, are oldies but goodies on both Clarice and myself, Shiny Thing's Kelsey T-Straps. She only has them in that color...I haven't "made" her get the Willow Pack (what other people might call a fatpack) yet. It's all part of CC Rule #1, of which one states (there are multiple rules #1): Which colors do you need? All of them.

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