Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shape comparison, a Gracie-ified CC post.

Recently designer Grace Winnfield did a kind of a model search and posted her requirements for the model's shapes:

4. You must be willing and able to mod your body shape (not face) to within the params outlined below. The note here is a guideline of ranges into which you should fall to give the right feel to my clothing in the photos. The clothing is designed to fit any av size, however to look the most true to my original design i prefer this range of sizes.


Go into edit appearance and click body
follow the measures down.. I will highlight and give a range for the important ones:

Height: At least 75 but preferrable is 80-85 or so.

Body thickness: less than 7
Body fat 0 preferred but no more than 7
Torso Muscles should be less than 40
Shoulders should be proportionate but usually less than 50.
Breast size: LESS THAN 40 PLEASE (mine are around 33)
Arms length… you are taller so your arms should be longer… probably between 60 and 69 and finger tips reach just around or above your mid thigh. Mine are at 67
torso length… we dont need long torsos so less than 55 but not too short so shorter than 44
Love handles…. between 15 and 20
not too muscular please … less than 47 but we need some tone so more than 40
leg length.. LONG!! somewhere between 80 and 95 is usually good… mine are 89.
HIP WIDTH: NO more than 48!!!!!!!!!!! ( remember i use a lot of system skirts)
Hip length shouldnt be very long.. keep it less than 37 please.
Saddle bags less than 25
foot size 0 so that all shoes will work.

Since lots of other fashionistas were doing it, I did it too, making collages comparing the shapes I've used since I started looking like how I wanted (since about late July of 2006)

Here's a front view of four CC's:

From left to right, theres Plus Size CC, Catalog Model CC, Supermodel CC and Grace-ified CC. I based the Gracie version of me on my Supermodel shape, which in itself is a modded freebie and I knew would be closest to what she wanted. Supermodel CC was my default shape from late July of 2006 till sometime in late 2007. Then I began using Catalog Model CC. I made Catalog Model CC after hanging out with Boss Sabrina and Tanya book, who had more realistic shapes than I did. She's a mod of the Supermodel shape that's about 8 inches shorter, with a touch more muscle and a bit more body fat. As I say sometimes Catalog CC is the woman who does her yoga and pilates every day so she can still fit into a size 6, but she wouldn't turn down a muffin now and then.

I've discussed the origins of Plus Size CC before, though I do admit she's pretty small for a plus size avatar. If she had a bit more of a waistline and was a few inches taller she could do plus size modelling in RL.

Here's a side view of all the CC's:

You really can't tell how much taller Grace-ified CC and Supermodel CC are in the pictures but they are, considerably. Couldn't figure out how to get the camera to really show the differences.

Yes, Grace Winnfield is the designer and can choose any shape she wants to model for her, but frankly of all the CC's, Catalog Model CC is the most aesthetically pleasing to me, and if I was a designer, that's the one I'd have model for me.

That's a Fleur Allure Bare 1 skin in Truffle in the pics.

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Anonymous said...

Most women have hip width equal to, or only slightly smaller than shoulder width. So even Catalog Model CC has no realistic proportions, only Plus Size CC has.

Supermodel CC and Grace-ified clearly have male proportions (hip width approximately equal to with between armpits).