Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Guns! Lots of Victorian Steampunk guns.

Some readers may have heard about the mock conflict that is happening between Caledon and Neualtenburg. The folks of both regions are doing it for fun, roleplaying opportunities, and to raise money for the Second Life Relay for Life by selling commissions in the militaries, and also to show of the toys that go bang and boom.

My favorite projectile weaponry in SL is made by Madame Ordinal Malaprop of Caledon.

The machine engine rifle, basically a fast firing "spray and pray" chaingun:

The pocket pistol, perfect for a ladies garter.

The .22 target rifle. Accurate and free!

The famous Beehive Launcher. Fires canisters of Killer bees at target, they will continue to damage the target if it moves. Plus, if not fired at target they stick around for a while and will attack anyone that comes near them.

Clockwork blunderbuss, not very accurate, but good for close in work.

The Revolving Flare gun: Shoots luminous multicolored flares for lighting purposes or high explosive projectiles.

the Grid Protection box, cower and hide in it during grid glitches.

Ordinal's Weaponry and other Useful Gadgetry for those of Taste and Discernment is available at her shop in (Caledon 100, 59, 23), or on SL Boutique or SLEX.

The Caledon Militia Uniform is by Mr. Edward Pearse and is on sale in his shoppes in Caledon Victoria City, Steelhead and Babbage.

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