Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another homage to Sabrina Doolittle, because she's back!

Yes, she's back, I even chatted with her while she was moving her store to a new location. In honor of her return to SL, I decided to post a few pictures of purchases she inspired.

The first is ETD Belted, yes Elika makes things other than hair. Anyway it's a very pretty red jacked and pants set. The jacket has a white undershirt to wear underneath it, but like Sabrina I prefer it without because it looks nicer and of course shows off the TaP Deux cleavage. And also like Sabrina I wish Elika would make a red (and black) skirt to go with this.

This picture was taken in a cute chair in Sabrina's low prim furniture store, Chez Petite:

And yes, a shot showing off the cleavage, because, like my redheaded fashionista inspiration I too am a shameless hussy in SL, at least when it comes to cleavage now and then.

ETD Maaliyah hair in Mahogany, Tete a Pied skin, Tete a Pied Heiress bag

The Dazzle Celine gown was recently purchased at the Holiday opening. Normally I'm not into colors like this, but I have a rule, if it looks good on Sabrina it will probably look good on me, which it does, and I've started playing with more greens. The image is a collage showing both the solid and sheer skirts..It really is a pretty gown.

Pixel Mode hair, Tete a Pied skin

I, for one, am glad Sabrina's back. I miss her (and Salome's) blog posts (especially skin reviews) very much.

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Anonymous said...

Aww bless, that is so sweet of you! I have my very own personal stalker!

Redheads totally can wear green. I think it's very important that they be *off* greens, however. Anything that is Christmas coloured is a nightmare, because you end up looking like, well, a Christmas tree.

But the Dazzle gown is a good example. So is the TaP skin with the green eyeshadow, made especially for red tressed gals!