Monday, January 25, 2016

#BerniePromposal, A Colbert Meme by way of Strawberry Singh

The Setting: 1985

Mom!  Like, I'm going to Prom with Bernie Sanders from 2016, for sure

That's Nice Dear, what dress are you wearing?

The Totally Awesome Zenith Brocade-y Corset-y one, it can pass as one of those "bitchin" short ruffly mid 80's prom dresses.

That's Nice Dear, enjoy the prom.  Hope he doesn't talk your ear off about Income and Wealth Inequality.

But MOM!  Like, Income and Wealth Inequality is an IMPORTANT ISSUE!  Don't tell me you're going Yuppie on me, gag me with a spoon!

No Dear.

That would be so grody to the max. We'll have the prom photographer take a picture.

Yep, I'm doing the Stephen Colbert's #BerniePromposal meme.  I AM planning on voting for Bernie in the primary.

For more information about Stephen’s Challenge, you can check out the following links:

Challenge Blog Post: Ask Bernie Sanders To Prom

Hashtag on Twitter: #BerniePromposal

Stephen Colbert’s video on YouTube: A Modest PromPosal For Bernie Sanders

I decided to give Bernie an 80's blonde prom princess.  The Dress is Brocade Corset Top and Lace skirt from Zenith.  Hair is the Harlow from Chemistry, Skin is the Pink Fuel Harley, Jewelry is the Kinbaku Heart set from Maxi Gossamer.


Zenith Main Store

Chemistry Hair

Pink Fuel Skin


Stockings from Big Beautiful Doll on Marketplace

Maxi Gossamer Jewelry on Marketplace

Commoner Sash (Flawless) it's a gacha item so beware.

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Strawberry Singh said...

haha love it!