Thursday, February 27, 2014

Harper Ganesvoort's 2014 Oscar Contest

Harper Ganesvoort has done an Oscar photo contest for the past, what is it, 5  years?  Anyway I've been hemming and hawing on the photos (and looking at RL Oscar red carpet photos) for a month trying to decide on the look.  I finally settled on this:

The full length picture is my entry into the contest. Gown is an oldie but goodie, Azul Dailey in Champagne. Skin is Belleza Betty Pale 6 with the Shyla/Betty Pale lips 8 over it. Lashes are Redgrave 'Classy'. Hair is Elikatira Found 8 tinted 128/65/0. Jewelry is Sax Shepherd Designs 'Spirit of Giving' pearl edition. Eyes are IKON Lucid Series in Moor, XS size. Background/Posestand is the oOo Studio: Premiere.

Originally I was going to use Elikatira "Early" hair which was "Anne Hathaway Oscar Look 2013-ish", (you can see that look on my flickr) but my good friend LaDonna said the look reminded her of Jennifer Lawrence's 2013 look.  When she said that, I said, "d'oh" and switched to "Found" which worked better.

The lighting turned out fairly good, I think.  Modified one of AnaLu's windlight presets to get the look I wanted.  Not perfect, but close enough.   You'll notice the shadows and depth of field effect more in the close-up below.



Belleza skins

Sax Shepherd Designs




oOo Studio by Olaenka Chesnokov on Marketplace

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