Saturday, June 23, 2012

So you Wanna be a virtual fashion model?

When I was young, in the back of Seventeen or YM magazines there were often advertisements for modeling schools.  One in particular that I remember are the Barbizon ads which had the tagline:  "Be a model....or just look like one."

Well my longtime SL friend Alaska Metropolitan has put together a book both in-world, and ebook outside of all the things she learned (and taught others) over the years.  It's called:  "So You Wanna Be A Virtual Super-Model"

To tell the truth, considering how hard it is to find gigs in SL, she could have added the classic "or just look like one" tagline, since her book basically tells you how to look fabulous.  I mean REALLY fabulous.  It has good information about skin choice, shapes, what to do at photo shoots and runway shows, making a portfolio, tweaking your settings...if it's part of making you pretty, it's in there.

The in-world edition which is 124 pages, is best read rezzed, but you can attach it as a HUD.  It's available on Marketplace for L$500.
So You Wanna Be A Virtual Supermodel on Marketplace
The website of the book is:

This is the sort of thing that every person with a female avatar should read. 

Hair: Elikatira Leah in Brown 8 (tinted to get it closer in appearance to a proper ETD Mahogany)

Dress: CeCe dress by Alaska Metropolitan (Not available).  Yes it's named after me.

Skin: 5th & Oxford of course,

Shoes: G Field Eve's, of course.

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