Friday, August 01, 2008

Six degrees of separation.

I've been seeing a LOT of familiar faces and names in Hamlet Au's New World Notes lately as subjects of posts, contributors and commenters, and it got me thinking

Here are some of the names I've seen recently:

Crap Mariner
Vidal Tripsa
Phineas Messmer
Zoe Connolly
Eladrienne Laval
Charlanna Beresford
Iris Ophelia
Kit Meredith

I know them all. Lanna and Iris contribute to NWN and they're in my friends list. Phineas, Zoe and Eladrienne are Caledonians and I see Miss Laval and Miss Connolly frequently. Miss Tripsa I met in Extropia, before she got mentioned on NWN. Turns out she hangs in Caledon too. I can't remember where I met Crap, sorry Crap. Kit I met at a Metro Models show, and she and I both worked for Linden Lifestyles as did Iris.

Some might be thinking "Hey, they're really is an insular clique of the famous people" A "FIC" (Feted Inner Core) if you will. Not that I agree with the concept of the FIC, created by Prokofy Neva (Yes, there are people from various parts of the FIClist in my Friends list)

I think the FIC concept is too limiting. IMHO there's a more generalized "avatars of influence" group that's much larger. It would include the formal and informal SL press (bloggers and the like), those who post/comment a lot on blogs/forums, a lot of content creators, etc. It's too large of a group for any individual to have major influence. In fact, SL is so big these days that there's not much Fete-ing of anyone by Linden Labs Everyone is becoming a smaller fish in a bigger pond. Ask new folk who Anshe or Aimee are. They'll say Anshe who? Aimee who?

Places like NCI, the Shelter or BareRose, or Caledon as a whole, are far far more influential than individuals these days.

Even in the SL fashion world, individuals are becoming less influential. Are the folks at Second Style as influential as they were back in 2006 when I joined? I don't know. Or consider the skin glut, seems like everybody has a skin line these days.

And by the way, I'm D-List at best. :-)


caLLie cLine said...

CCC!!! i love how you think, and you're so funny. you're NOT a d-lister tho! it's SL for crying out loud, just SAY you're on the A list... your world YOUR imagination... you can be the POPE if you wanna, just put it over your head!

ok, joking aside... yeah SL has changed a lot and it's gonna change a LOT more, will be interesting to watch... i like your insights, the skin one too AND hair!!! gosh it's SO big now and there are SO many offerings, it's really great!

anyhow, you're always on my A list or should i say, ccc list!

xoxo, caLLie

Krissy Muggleston said...

I had also these thoughts of a wider range of recognizable names. For the most part, the FIC list are avatars who have contributed to the *evolution* of SL in some noticable form. So I can see why bloggers didn't make the FIC just for being bloggers. And I realize there are bloggers who have a lot of influence and valuable opinions.. The *real* slebrities, imo, or those that are pushing the technical boundaries of SL and making things possible for the rest of us. Although, to your point, these are the names that a new resident might not recognize. And Callie is right it IS great when we have more and more content creators! More choices! More chances to be unique! Good post :)