Sunday, June 22, 2008


I've been absent from SL and the blog, I know. I apologize to any readers and fans for that. I had been not feeling up to par, in part due to a bit of the shingles. But I feel more myself these days, thank goodness. Also, the household has a new lappie, still with integrated graphics, but Sl does play better at the settings I normally use, and if I turn the shaders on I can see the pretty clouds and water, and watch my framerate drop to 2fps again. But that would be good for photos I think.

The old lappie still works, and it's now my "tinkering with" machine so that means I might actually be in SL more than before, just sometimes on the new lappie (which is for general household use) and sometimes on the old. If I can find a replacement DVD/CD drive, once I'm certain we won't need any files on the old lappie, I'll clean it up as much as I can, repartition and install Linux alongside XP (if I can fit them both)

The new lappie has Vista...-[continue/cancel], it is annoying, [continue/cancel], I'll probably turn off UAC [continue/cancel].

As for the lappie itself it's a HP DV6809wm AMD 64 bit Turion dual core TL-60, 3GB of RAM, 120 GB of HD (of which about 65 is actually available), NVIDIA 7150M integrated graphics (with hardware T&L, woot!). Aero runs fine, this thing runs Vista better than the old lappie runs XP, so far, mwah ha ha ha.


Alyx Sands said...

Good to hear from you again!

And hey, UAC was the first thing on MY new lappie that I switched got on my nerves after a mere five minutes...

Izzy said...

Gratz on the new laptop; I will soon be needing to upgrade old Hermes (an Acer TravelMate 8100).

I'm totally paranoid to try Vista. It looks gorgeous, but I don't know if I could handle all the bugs. As an i.t. tech, I have a rule about not touching a MS product 'til its been out *at least* two years and its on its second service pack! ^_^

Izzy said...

Welcome back. I've just returned to the grid after a long absence myself. Doesn't it feel wonderful to come back?

CronoCloud said...

izzy, Vista is remarkably stable, so far, however the changes made to the UI just simply suck. Just had to turn off UAC because it was driving me crazy. And the Control panel is just different enough from the one in XP to be annoying. Same applies to the start menu.