Friday, April 25, 2008

Cheating on Fleur with Rosemary Galbraith.

I wear Fleur skins pretty much exclusively, everyone knows this. Last night Rosemary Galbraith of OH! What a neat boutique asked for my input on some skins she had made. One of them was this skin:

Uh huh, it's pretty. She customized it according to my input, with slightly different torso and belly button. And red brows of course. I like, oh okay, I LOOOOVE. Pretty! I might actually wear these along side my Fleur's. They're a touch more "traditional SL skin" than the Fleurs, but more classic than say Minnu's.

And look at the face! I still look like me! And like Kit Meredith, who also looks like me in certain respects. :-)

And now I feel guilty for skin-cheating on Roslin and CJ. waaaaaah.

1 comment:

Grazia said...

OMG Crono in a different skin... not that is more shocking that 30k residents being kicked off the grid in 10 mins just now!!!!

You look cute though sweety. xoxo