Sunday, August 19, 2007

A response to Anonymous

A few weeks ago I commented on another SL fashion blog, and eventually my comment got this response that I've decided to respond to.

LMAO @ cronocloud. I can only imagine that Starley takes your rejection as a ringing endorsement.

This was in regards to my comments on disliking Starley's VOGUE line. It's the brows and the body shading, the makeup is fine. I have said many times that SL redheads are among the pickyest skin customers in SL and that is so hard to please us that skin makers probably shudder every time they see a redhead. If people think their avatars look good in the VOGUES they should buy them and there are plenty of avatars that do even if I still can't stand the way the brows look on others. I have also recommended a visit to Celestial for persons skin shopping. Also I can't recall having met Starley but I don't dislike Starley, or have an anti-Starley agenda I like some of her other products, (Her Annie May piggie buns are my second favorite piggie buns ever)

You're famous only for having bad taste and a big mouth and your nose so far up the ass of fashion bloggers that you can smell their tonsils.

I thought I was not famous at all, or famous for telling others that, "zOMG you're famous." I don't recall having brown nosing fashion bloggers, except perhaps Swirly Cyclone, but that's because she's the most important fashionista on the grid. Though in all seriousness I see the other fashion bloggers as colleagues, though I'm more of a assistant to the editor type. IE, Lackey/Minion. But I thought it was the designers I was sucking up to. Apparently I'm not doing a good enough job of that.

If you say something is bad, I'll be sure to try it on. If she (he? it?) says it's good, I'll be sure to stay as far away from it as possible.

I can't recall saying anything is "Bad", in writing anyway. But if serving as a "Reverse guideline' for you helps you find things you like then that's great. As for pronouns my avatar is female so "she" is polite. In RL one usually uses the pronoun assigned to gender one is presenting as. But the word "it" is one of the most insulting words one can use for a transgendered (or intersexed) person, which I believe the anonymous poster knew very well. Using "it" is a way to to subtly deny a person's personhood and humanity, to portray them as a thing, not a human being.

Keep in mind this "expert" with "discerning" tastes wears Tete a Pied. Which is french for "Cadaver".

Why yes I do wear TaP, most of the time. As I have said more times than I can count, I am Roslin and CJ's ***** I do wear other skins now and again as whim takes me, often OPIUM Skin 2.0 or one of Sachi's skins. More recently it's been Gala and Minnu Model skins. But Tete a Pied are my favourites and it's actually French for "Head to toe". I like TaP, I like them a lot. They're quality had drawn skins with a following among certain fashionistas and certain skin market segments.y go well with the fashions my avatar tends to wear. I freely admit that TaP skins aren't for those who like the heavily photosourced skins. I don't, I can't stand heavily photosourced skins which puts me in a dilemma when I get handed a sample pack. I don't call myself an expert, I have an interest in SL and RL fashion yes, but it's not like I work for Hearst or Conde Nast. As for discerning tastes, I tend to prefer retro and classic styles, if a reader doesn't like that sort of thing, then I'm not the fashion blogger they should be reading.

I'm so sick of you spewing your self pandering bullshit all over linden lifestyles.

Say what? I haven't had that many posts on linden Lifestyles except for the interviews. Only two actually. Now if you're counting comments that's a different story. But my job on LL is to put up the interviews and leave reviewing for the bosses. Of course my job is much easier when designers respond to interview requests.

It's hilarious that you actually mistook this blog as a serious forum and thought anyone cared what you had to say. You need to shut the fuck up. Isn't there a hostage you need to attend to? I think it needs to put the lotion in

Ah a Silence of the Lambs reference, Buffalo Bill to Catherine Martin: It puts the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again." It's a good thriller. But you must have forgotten or not have been paying close attention (as many people obviously didn't), the character of Buffalo Bill aka Jame Gumb as played by Ted Levine was stated to NOT be transgendered in both the film and the book the film was based on.

So Anonymous, I really don't mind that you don't like my style/opinions, that's okay. If you have issues with my identity....well some people just don't "get" people like me. It makes me sad that it happens but it does. Though I would have more respect for you if you had used a name rather than posted anonymously. You couldn't have attacked me for being transgendered without me being honest on this blog and in my SL profile.


Alaska Metropolitan said...

Oh the anonymous comments in Second Life's fashion world. I think it's proof you've made it as a "someone" (as much as is possible in a virtual world!) if you're attacked verbally by cowards hiding under the anonymous moniker.

The irony is that you've proven you're more secure in your sexual identity than they must be in theirs... after all, they feel the need to bitterly attack it with such vitriol. Now THERE'S a person with issues.

Anonymous said...

People are crazy, dear.

Tanya Book said...

yeow. BTW I looked up cadaver in a French-English dictionary. It's "cadavre" in French.

Anonymous said...

I read the blog and post you're referring to. I don't think you really meant to be hateful in your comment and that type of response is never called for. But honestly? Did you see the blog and what their style and format are? It's a total trollfest.

If you roll around on the ground with the trolls, you can hardly be surprised if some mud sticks to you.

Your comments were nowhere near the same level of venom many others have displayed on that site, but I did think your post was on the rude side. There is a difference between saying you don't like something and what was it? Saying someone "totally blew it".

If you don't want to be raked over the coals, I would avoid such nasty websites and commentary.

Just my opinion.

Anyway, sorry someone was a jerk.

CronoCloud said...

Good point, polite anonymous person, and well taken.