Thursday, March 13, 2014

Berry's Sexual Meme

Yes, I'm doing another Strawberry Singh meme.  This one is about Sex, baby.  But first, cheesecake pictures using the same hair Berry did:

 Truth Perla in Reds05, IKON Lucid Eyes in Moor, Belleza Betty Pale 3 skin with the Shyla/Betty lip 9 over it.  Lingerie from Luxuria

This one came out well, for not having depth of field and shadows on. Mata Hari sandals by Sax Shepherd.

  1. What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself? – Sapphic.  That's no secret.

  2. Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy. – Pale skin, dark or red hair, and glasses.

  3. Are you promiscuous, a prude or in between? – I'm rather asexual in both lives, I mention the asexual thing in my profile, but not a prude.  I can count the number of intimate encounters I've had in SL on the fingers of two hands with fingers to spare.  Okay it's 7, I'm averaging about once a year.  Some of those just involved cuddling.

  4. What turns you on? – Not much.

  5. Are you dominant or submissive? – While I don't do the whole D/s thing, there is one thing I sometims say for fun:  I am the CC, and you will OBEY ME! Though I really would need a Nehru Jacket and natty svengali look to do that properly. Why do designers not OBEY and fulfill my every whim?  This disappoints the CC.  Perhaps saying things like that is what gets me mistaken for a Domme at times.  Or maybe it's the slinky black dresses or the riding crop.

  6. Are you into sexual roleplay? – Not really.

  7. Which sexual position is your favorite? –  There are sexual positions?  And what is this sex thing you speak of.

  8. Do you have any fetishes? – Other than for massive amounts of shopping?  Well I do like nice lingerie, and redheads, and brains.

  9. Have you or would you do porn, amateur or professional? – I don't know, considering all the many things I've done in fact I think I remember doing an amateur porn video in SL once.  C'mon it was the old days, we all did crazy stuff back then, it was the Jooky Juice.

  10. Do you consider yourself sexy? – Me? No.  My avatar, maybe, sometimes.


Belleza Skin
Luxuria is still in Nouveau

Truth Hair: Perla

Sax Shepherd Mata Hari's

IKON eyes: Lucid Moor

1 comment:

Strawberry Singh said...

I always think about becoming a redhead in SL. They just seem like they have so much more fun and get so much more attention. Maybe I will. :P